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Today's devotion is written by Pastor Rick Gravley

“Words to Remember”

Jude 17 “But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ;” 

We hear a lot of chatter in this modern-day world. The internet and social media world have created an atmosphere where people like to voice their ideas and opinions. Most do it without ever considering the consequences of what they are saying. We must remember that God is keeping a record of what we say, and one day we will give an account of those words. Another thought to remember is that a spiritual man or woman is not known by how much they say or how well they say it, but James said it is the ability to bridle their words. 

Many of the words we hear daily are not worth remembering or repeating. However, our text reminds us that some words are worth remembering but are often neglected or overlooked. It is the Word of God. The Holy Spirit gave the apostles the words to write, and Jude encourages the saints to remember the Book! 

The way to remember the Bible is to read the Bible. You would be surprised at the people who attend church regularly but do not read God’s Word. No wonder these people live a defeated life. Friend, if we neglect His Word, we forfeit our right to live in victory. All the answers we will ever need for the questions in our lives are in the pages of the Bible. These are words to remember! 

As a pastor, I have watched people and observed that members of the church who read their Bible know how to face the struggles of life. The Lord brings to their remembrance what they need when facing difficult circumstances. That is why we read God’s Word over and over again. The more familiar we become with His Word, the more likely we are to remember His instructions. It is interesting what we can remember at times and what we can forget. Never letting a day pass without reading your Bible should be your goal. Teach your children and grandchildren the importance of reading and memorizing the Scriptures. One final admonishment is to be sure you do not elevate man’s words over the Word of God. Do not take council from those who have forgotten His Word altogether. Remember His Word!