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There’s a story in the Bible about two men…David and Goliath. It’s a popular story, one I’m sure you would have heard if you’ve spent any time around church. Goliath was a giant, standing around 9 feet tall, and David was just a lad, and underdog in the fight, for sure. But by the end of the story, David killed Goliath, and he cut Goliath’s head off with his own sword.

When you study Goliath’s family you will find they were from the land of Cannan. Over 400 years before this stand-off between David and Goliath, the children of Israel had invaded Cannan and were instructed by God to kill all the inhabitants of the land. However, the Israelites did not do as they were instructed. This enemy they were facing now was the result of their own failure to finish taking care of the enemy several hundred years before. But David had the wisdom and determination to take care of the enemy once and for all. With God’s help, David killed Goliath and cut off his head so there was no danger of the giant bothering him or his family again.

The moral of the story is simple. We all have Goliaths in our lives. We all deal with sins, such as bitterness, anger, malice, jealousy, etc., which will repeatedly attack us and try to defeat us in our lives. But the only way to overcome these giants is to, with God’s help, face the issue, fight the issue, and finish taking care of the enemy by cutting off the head of the giant. You can deal with your giants, or they will deal with you. We do not have to live defeated and let the enemy steal our joy and peace. With God’s help, we can fully defeat the giants in our lives.