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Have you ever felt like you were limited in what you could do for God? Maybe you felt limited by your abilities or resources. Maybe you allowed your past to hinder your future. 

In John chapter 6 we read of a lad, or a young boy, who found himself in the midst of a hungry crowd of people, and he had only five loaves and two fish. The loaves were small, something like what we would know as a tortilla, and the two fish were like small sardines. There’s no doubt he felt limited in what he could do to help these people with his small supply of food. He had only enough food to sustain himself for a short time; it was very little to offer Jesus. 

This lad, we’ll call him Little Johnny, had a few options that day. 

(1) He could just eat the food himself and go on his way. This option would have allowed Little Johnny to satisfy his own hunger for a short time, but the multitude would have still been hungry. 

(2) He could eat a little bit of food and share the rest with friends. This option would have been a good option. It would have allowed Johnny to satisfy his own hunger and the hunger of a few other people. Little Johnny could have impacted a few lives for the better that day in his own efforts to share what he had. 

(3) He could give his entire supply of food to Jesus and trust Him with the results.

 Little Johnny chose option number three, and in doing this was able to use what little he had to feed an entire multitude, at least 5,000 men not including women and children. Not only was Jesus able to feed every single person, but He also produced a surplus of food. They had leftovers! 

The moral of the story is this. We may choose to use what we have to benefit only ourselves. We may also choose to trust in our own efforts to use what we have to help others, and we may reach a few. But when we decide to put what we have in the hands of Jesus, He can turn it into so much more.

We may think that what we have isn’t much, and it may not be to some, but when put in the hands of Jesus it can have a positive effect on a multitude.