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“Grandpa, how do you lose your life?”

“Life is lost in many ways, my love. It’s lost when you want to live the life of others and not your own. It’s lost when you criticize other people’s mistakes without seeing your own. It’s lost when you complain all the time about failing, without trying to find a solution for success. You lose life when you spend it envying others, without trying to improve yourself. You lose when you focus only on negative things and stop enjoying the good things. Life is not lost when you stop breathing, but when you stop being happy.

”The author of this passage is Greg Groce. He was diagnosed with ALS in 2015, constrained to a wheelchair, and isn’t able to speak hardly any. You can follow his FB page that’s Back40 Cookin. If you enjoyed this devotion, I know he’d enjoy receiving a FB message from you.