How to Become a Rock Slinger - Part 3

October 28, 2019


Over the past two weeks we have looked at how David’s availability and his attitude allowed him to be a rock slinger for God. When it came time to do something great for God, David make himself available for the task that was at hand. This was not an easy task, as a matter of fact, it involved facing a giant who was a mighty warrior for the Philistine Army. When David stood before Goliath that day he also displayed the right attitude. He states in 1 Samuel 17:37, “The LORD...He will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine.” David knew, within himself, he would be killed by Goliath, but with the LORD he could accomplish this great task.


In this final devotion of our series on becoming a rock slinger, I want to take a look at David’s apparel. The Bible says, “And Saul armed David with his armour, and he put an helmet of brass upon his head; also he armed him with a coat of mail.” (1 Samuel 17:38) At this point, King Saul arms David with his personal armour in an effort to better protect David in his battle against the mighty Philistine warrior. However, there is a problem, as Saul is attempting to make David something that he isn't. “And David girded his sword upon his armour, and he assayed to go; for he had not proved it. And David said unto Saul, I cannot go with these; for I have not proved them. And David put them off him.” (1 Samuel 17:39) David knows nothing about King Saul's armour or how to fight with King Saul's sword. Although the armour and the sword are of the finest quality, they are the armour of another man, and David knows he cannot fight with them. In verse 40 of 1 Samuel 17, David takes his staff, his sling, and five smooth stones with him as he sets off to fight Goliath. There’s no doubt people questioned David’s decision to go up against Goliath with these simple, ordinary weapons as opposed to Saul’s admirable armour and sword. But David knew what to do with his staff and sling, for these were the tools God had used time and time again to deliver David out of the hand of his enemy. David chose to arm himself with the apparel God had provided for him, instead of the armour of another man. 


One of the greatest days in my ministry was when I learned that I could be nobody else. Although my dad and my grandfather are both heroes to me, I cannot be them. Dr. Ron Garis was one of my heroes, and there was a time I preached out of a wide margin Cambridge Concord Bible just because Dr. Garis did. However, I soon realized that I could not be Olin Barker, Allen Barker, or Ron Garis. God made me, saved me, and called me to preach so that I could preach in the way he created me to do so. If you are always seeking to be like someone else, you'll always be second best. I have realized that if I am going to be a rock slinger, I have to make myself available, have the right attitude, and have the right apparel. I have to decide that I will go into battle with the tools God has given me to use, that he has proven himself faithful through, so that I can accomplish great things for Him. Simply put...STOP trying to be someone else. David says, “Hey, King Saul, I can’t wear this because it is not me. I have not proved it. But I will take this little sling and staff, because I have proved them, and I will go giant hunting.” 


I can honestly say I have proven the Bible and prayer, so when giants come my way I will trust what I know works, stand back, and watch God destroy giants for me. This week try and focus on who you are and don't worry about being someone that you're not! God knows you’re abilities and inabilities and He will allow you to accomplish great things for Him if you will just make yourself available, have the right attitude, and just be yourself.


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