Letting Go

September 23, 2019

There’s no doubt that each of us, who are saved, desires to fulfill the will of God in our lives. There are times when doing God’s will requires us to get out of our comfort zone. 


Years ago there was a man who fell off the edge of a cliff. On the way down he grabbed a branch, which temporarily stopped his fall. The canyon beneath him fell straight down for a thousand feet. 


There was no way for him to climb up the steep wall of the cliff, so he began yelling for help. “Help! Help! Is anyone up there?”


No one was around to hear him. He was about to give up when he heard a voice. 

“Jack, can you hear me?”

“Yes! I can hear you.”

“I am the Lord.”

“The Lord? You mean, God?”

“That’s me.”

“God, please help me!”

“I am going to help you. Now, here’s what I want you to do. Listen carefully.”

“I’ll do anything, Lord, just tell me what to do.”

“Okay. Just let go of the branch. Just trust me, and let go.”

There was a long silence. 

Finally Jack yelled, “Help! Help! Help! Is there anyone else up there?”


Each one of us has, undoubtedly, felt just like Jack at some point in our life. We say we want to know and fulfill the will of God for our lives. However, when it involves letting go of the securities around us, so many times we respond just like Jack. “Is anyone else up there?” 


I love studying the life of Peter. Matthew 14 tells the story of Peter walking on the water. Truly, at this point, he was accomplishing what was impossible to do on his own. In order to accomplish this impossible act, however, he had to first let go of the security of the boat. God desires for each of us to live a full and abundant life, accomplishing things through Him that would otherwise be impossible on our own.  For us to accomplish the tasks that He has for us, we will have to learn to let go of the things in our life that He asks us to. Even in times when it seems we are in the worst storm of our life, God may simply be asking us to let go of our worldly securities and fully trust Him so that he can use us during that difficult time.


This week I encourage you to ask God what might be holding you back from full surrender to His will


 and then, with His help, let go of it. 

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