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In the book of Nehemiah we find the walls of Jerusalem had been broken down, and God's people were in distress. God called Nehemiah to rebuild the walls in Jerusalem, but powerful people opposed his assignment and tried to disrupt Nehemiah however they could.

In Nehemiah chapter six, they sent him many messages asking for a meeting. Their intentions sounded innocent, but Nehemiah knew their real motives. Nehemiah and his colleagues were accused of planning to rebel. Nehemiah was accused of plotting to gain power for himself, but he told them that there was no truth to their accusations. He knew they were lying and just trying to intimidate them, imagining that they could break the resolve and stop the work. He knew he was simply obeying God. They wanted him to stop, but he stayed focused and refused to be distracted. He continued the work with even greater determination.

Because of his determination, Nehemiah completed God’s assigned task. Despite the distractions and opposition, the wall was built.

Each one of us has a task that God has placed in our lives. We know what it is like to experience daily interruptions and other distractions. Many are important, but some simply keep us from accomplishing God’s assignments.

Think about all the distractions you face today. Are any of those distractions keeping you from accomplishing God’s work? Ask Him to give you a clear sense of His calling and His priorities for you, then be alert to distractions and don’t allow them to disrupt your mission. Remain faithful and stay focused on His call.

God has placed you where you are for a reason. Don’t allow circumstances to cause you to throw in the towel and quit. It would have been easy for Nehemiah to quit, but he continued with what God had for his life, and “the wall was finished in fifty and two days.” (Nehemiah 6:15) Let's decide that with the Lord's help, we will finish the task that God has for us.